Prepare for the Fair


How to Get the Most from the Fair

  • Attend even if you aren’t actively job searching
  • Keep an open mind about organizations 
  • Employers have connections beyond their organization
  • Practice talking about yourself and your work 
  • Consider your goals for the conversation

How to Prepare

  1. Employer conversations will be 3-5 minutes long. Make sure your pitch is clear and quick. 
  2. Research attending employers; understand their work, mission, and what they’re hiring for.  
  3. Curate your portfolio for each employer and save a presentation of your work to your laptop or tablet. Don’t rely on wifi!
  4. Prep your resume and online presence (bring 10+ resume copies to the fair).  
  5. Create business cards/takeaways (bring 20+ to the fair). 
  6. Prepare a short introduction of yourself that connects your skills and interests with the organization’s work.
  7. Prepare thoughtful questions to ask each employer about their organization and what they are looking for in potential candidates.   
  8. Get your clean, professional outfit ready to wear. Don’t forget about personal hygiene. Clean your portfolio, laptop, and organize your desktop to look professional. 
  9. Utilize Peer Career Advisor and Career Counselor drop in hours (days and times below) for mock interviews or prep help. 

What to Expect 

  • Students from all years and majors encouraged to attend 
  • No registration required 
  • Each of the 50+ companies will have a table. Walk around, check out the employers, and meet with companies who interest you. Representatives are expecting you to approach them and introduce yourself 
  • Employers are expecting you to know about their company. Research the positions they are hiring for. Never ask “what does your company do?”
  • Be flexible with the conversation. The reviewer might ask about your art, life goals, or greatest strengths. Try to have some fun!  
  • Leave a copy of your resume/takeaway with organizations you’re interested in 
  • Ask for the rep’s contact information (pro tip: send a thank you email and connect on LinkedIn)

Not Sure Where to Start? Career Development Can help! 

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