Career Development is updating this content to reflect the virtual Internship + Career Fair format. Check back in late fall 2020 for updates.

Answers to student/alumni FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS!

What is the fair?

The Internship + Career Fair is an annual event for MICA students and alumni. You will have the opportunity to meet with 50+ companies representing a range of industries, majors, and locations. Employers can review your resume and portfolio and even conduct informal interviews. Previous Fairs resulted in many job and internship hires.

How are employers selected for the Fair?

The Career Development team works year-round to build our list of employer contacts through employer visits , research, and faculty/staff/student outreach. The invite list consists of who we believe to be the best employers and artists in their fields. Although we do our best to outreach to employers, it’s ultimately their decision if they can attend the Fair or not. Is there an employer want to see at the Fair? Email kcarroll01@mica.edu. We love getting recommendations from students and alumni!

I’m only a First Year/Sophomore student. Should I still attend?

YES! Even if you’re not looking for a job or internship, we highly encourage you to attend the Fair. It’s a great way to get a feel for the event for future years.

Do I have to register to attend?

Nope! Just show up to the Fair. If you plan on meeting with employers, be sure to be dressed professionally and have plenty of copies of your resume to leave with them. (We suggest at least 20 hard copies of your resume.)

What do I do once I get to the Fair?

Each of the 50+ companies will have a table set up. Walk around, take a look, and meet with companies who interest you. Representatives are expecting for you to approach them and introduce yourself. Don’t be shy—you may make an important contact! Be sure to leave a copy of your resume with companies with which you would like to be considered for a position.

Should I bring my portfolio?

If you are interested in design or communication-related positions (Environmental Design,Graphic Design, Illustration, Animation, Video, Interaction Design and Art, Photography), then you will want to bring a copy of your portfolio to show to potential employers. You may bring a small physical portfolio of work to show, or bring your laptop to show your work. If you bring your laptop, be sure that it is fully charged. Some other fields also like to see a portfolio—conservation and restoration companies for example. Need some help with your portfolio? Make an appointment with a Career Counselor or Peer Career Advisor to get feedback.

What should I wear to the Fair? 

Dress professionally. It is always best to err on the side of overdressed–it shows an employer that you take them seriously and have made an effort to make a good first impression. Not conservative? Artsy/creative dress is fine, as long as you are clean and neat!

What if I don’t need a job?

That’s cool! Maybe you already have a job or are still in school. Coming to an event like the Fair is a great way to make connections that could be really useful in the future. Talking with employers is great practice, and you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to meet professionals in your field.

If you are still a student, then you will definitely want to meet employers for internship opportunities. That is the best way to ensure you have the professional experience necessary to get a job after you graduate. Many companies hire interns for jobs once they graduate.

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