2019 Employer Profile: Mindgrub Technologies, Baltimore, MD



Mindgrub is seeking to hire a Graphic Designer.

Mindgrub specializes in the strategic development of technology and services to meet the evolving marketing and information delivery means of Fortune 500, Government and Education institutions. They create applications for the web, social media, and mobile technology. Mindgrub utilizes iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android, Drupal, and other software platforms to develop social media tools and campaigns. They have unique frameworks for location based services, augmented reality, and mobile gaming. Mindgrub knows, and is a leader in, how to keep users of new technology engaged and accessing information in creative and innovative ways.

To fit the culture, you’ll need to be open to clear communication, consistent collaboration (from sketching to slacking), and willing to ask the right questions! You’ll need to be highly organized and driven by a strong work ethic. Do you spread positive vibes and love to help others? Are you ready to ask for advice or help from other team members? Do you have a love for challenging design assignments that vary from dynamic product development to lead-generation-focused websites? Are you energized by an active work environment? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, follow the link above to apply.