2019 Employer Profile: Parks & People Foundation, Baltimore, MD

Parks and People Foundation


Parks & People Foundation is seeking interns for their SuperKids Camp.

Parks & People has a single goal in mind: to improve the quality of life for residents of Baltimore by ensuring that everyone is connected to nature through vibrant parks and green spaces.

Founded in 1984 on the principle that public-private partnerships are necessary to ensure the survival of the city’s parks and thereby its communities, they collaborate with the Department of Recreation & Parks, as well as with local communities, fellow nonprofits, government agencies and their volunteers and supporters in myriad ways:

Parks & People’s role is to lessen the burdens on the Baltimore City government in providing a system of parks and recreation facilities for the welfare of all citizens.

Interested in the environment, elementary education, or environmental education? This internship is for you! More details to come on how to apply.

Employment Available for F-1 Visa Students