2018 Employer Profile: Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, Pittsburg, PA


Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh is a place that delights and inspires children, where they can take off on fantastic flights of imagination daily, and return to earth to splash in a river, hammer a nail and ink a silkscreen. Named one of the nation’s top 15 children’s museums by Parents magazine in 2015, the Museum welcomes over 250,000 visitors annually and provides tons of fun and loads of “real stuff” experiences for play and learning. Hands-on, interactive exhibit areas and experiences that inspire joy, creativity and curiosity include The Studio, MAKESHOP, Waterplay, Nursery, Theater and Backyard.

Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh provides innovative museum experiences that inspire joy, creativity and curiosity.

The Museum provides the highest quality exhibits and programs for learning and play. As well as a partner and a resource for people who work with or on behalf of children.

Key Values

  • Commitment to Good Design Principles: The Children’s Museum is committed to quality design and firmly believes that attention to aesthetics and practicality creates functional, welcoming community spaces. This philosophy guided the 2004 Museum expansion, its development of exhibits and is the basis for the vision of the Buhl Community Park at Allegheny Square.
  • Play with Real Stuff: The Museum’s “play with real stuff” design philosophy promotes an organizational commitment to the use of authentic materials and processes in its exhibits and overall design.
  • Commitment to Diversity: Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh is committed to providing an environment of inclusion and respect for visitors, staff and board that is free of discrimination.

Tough Art Artist Residency
The Tough Art Residency Program seeks to connect artists from across the spectrum of all the arts to the resources at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.

The artists accomplish three goals:

  1. Engage museum professionals in critical dialog as it relates to their work.
  2. Generate and implement interactive, immersive and/or collaborative projects.
  3. Connect the art making process to the larger museum context and the museum visitor.

Across the residency, artists are given two tasks:

  1. Create a piece to be incorporated into the facility and/or programs with direct impact on the visitor experience.
  2. Prototype and evaluate their process to achieve the desired outcome.

Tough Art Artist Residency Eligibility:
Artists with demonstrated capabilities in their medium will be considered for the program. The program is intended to support emerging artists in their development as well as give opportunities for established artists to the share their techniques with a wider audience. Emerging artists with demonstrated capabilities for creating interactive, immersive, sculptural, or media-based projects are encouraged to apply.