Employer Profile: Pacific Trade International, Inc.- Chesapeake Bay Candle Company, Bethesda, MD



Established by Mei Xu and David Wang, Pacific Trade International is a fully integrated global marketer of candles, home fragrance, and home décor products and the company behind one of the most popular candle brands in the country and around the world: Chesapeake Bay Candle.

In early 1994, Mei and David both resigned from their jobs to follow their entrepreneurial spirits and establish Pacific Trade International. To get started, friends and family in China assisted them in importing a variety of products for the home. After a successful exhibition at the Charlotte Gift Fair in North Carolina, one product stood out from everything else: candles.

With a long list of new customers and more than ninety thousand dollars worth of orders in hand, their products became available in about one hundred doors by the end of 1994.

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