IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Students who wish to meet with Nickelodeon at the Fair must apply in advance for an interview.


In previous years, Nickelodeon’s extreme popularity at the Career + Internship Fair has lead to long lines and wait times.  To combat this, we are asking all students interested in meeting with Nickelodeon to submit an application in advance.

The application is due on Monday, February 24th by 12PM.  Please apply by following this link:

All applicants will have their information submitted to Nickelodeon for review.  Students selected to interview will be assigned interview times on Monday, March 3rd.  This method of pre-screening means that Nickelodeon will see all interested students’ portfolios and resumes, regardless of which students are chosen for interviews.  This will allow all interested students access to Nickelodeon as well additional time to meet with other employers and organizations of interest at the fair.

Curate a PDF portfolio for the interview, including your resume and 10 pieces of work best suited for Nickelodeon.

Questions – Contact Career Development at 410-225-2420 or