Employer Profile: MediaBarn Inc., Arlington, VA



Mediabarn is a collection of passionate and talented design, research and technical professionals whose focus is to simply fulfill the company’s mission: deliver excellent user experience.

As a services company, we view “user experience” from two equally important angles:

1. The experience of our customers who use our services, and

2. The experience we deliver for the users of our customers’ products.

These two view points have manifested themselves in our structure as well as our philosophy. Our structure is comprised of three distinct, yet synergistic businesses: our Digital Agency, Usability Lab and our Placement Services. Depending on the needs of our customers, they may interact with one or more sides of the house (or Barn, as it were).

Our philosophy is simple: deliver great work and treat our customers as if we are part of their team. Many times we are considered just that. We all have been on both sides of the services fence and truly believe that honesty, transparency and integrity are non-negotiables when it comes to providing service. Call us old-fashioned, we call it the right thing to do.

Opportunities available in full time, part time and internship positions.