Employer Profile: Full Circle Photography, Baltimore, MD



Full Circle has been a resource for photographers and fine artists since 1987. Internationally renowned panoramic photographer, David Orbock started this business to focus on helping other image-makers create their work. He has stayed true to his goal in providing the highest quality products and service at modest rates. Our clients include students from local colleges, amateurs in all visual art fields, professional photographers, highly regarded and awarded artists, art consultants, corporate entities and non-profit organizations. Operating with a small team of professionals who are also artists, Full Circle maintains a strong commitment to the Baltimore region arts community.


Framing & Presentation Intern: Assist with the completion phase of art work finishing. Help our Senior Archive framer and Associate framer design and handle client artwork, including paintings, drawings, photographs, and 3-D materials. Work with mounting materials on our XL roll press, build frames, and prepare/construct artwork for contemporary presentation. Applicants with a background in curatorial practice or with a fine art focus on presentation techniques encourage to apply. This position requires patience, knowledge of archival materials, and an attention to detail.

Gallery Intern: Assist in the organization, design, and marketing of exhibitions in the lobby gallery.  Attend & help manage receptions. Contact artists and assist curators. Applicants with a background in curatorial practice are encouraged to apply. Must be highly organized and personable, likes listening to problems and then  find solutions, can swing a hammer and nail, enjoys the smell of putty and paint, has a working sense of graphic design principles, knows the difference between a vector and raster image, is able to work with Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign, and is cool under pressure.

Photo/Digital Intern: We are seeking visual artists with a background in traditional photographic production, or digital print media. Interns will work closely with specialists, gaining hands-on experience in professional print production and finishing while being introduced to the business of running a small studio. Prospective interns should express a clear interest why they want to work here. Duties may include darkroom printing, film processing, scanning, image manipulation or restoration, archival pigment printing, research, and organization. Preferred experience, knowledge, skills & abilities: Highly organized / Committed to excellence / Cooperative working skills / Able to lift up to 50lbs. / Flexible in responsibilities / Familiar with traditional B&W and Color photographic processes / Experience in Photoshop CS5 / Experience using flatbed and virtual drum scanning equipment / Experience using large format printers

Digital Archive Intern: Assist in the maintenance, organization and digitization of a several thousand image catalog. Duties include scanning on flatbed or virtual drum scanner, data entry, print set up, file transfer, & color management. Must have a superior knack for organization, able to take direction and work well within a team. At the same time, this position requires self-motivation to work independently in a pragmatic fashion. Applicant should be familiar with flatbed and drum scanning, Adobe Photoshop, and handling film.

Social Media & Marketing Intern: Looking for a tech savvy story-teller to work on projects that reach out to new clients, inform current clients of goings on in the studio, and to promote our brand and activities to media outlets throughout the entire studio. This applicant will work with members of the staff in all departments. Prior experience and understanding of such media apps as Facebook, Vine, Four Square, Twitter, and others is a must. You will help Full Circle devise information bundles to communicate on a daily and weekly basis. Intern will design & compose monthly newsletter and other MailChimp updates from the studio.  **This internship will provide valuable experience, but will not be eligible for MICA course credit.**