Employer Profile: Herman Maril Foundation – Baltimore, MD

Herman Maril



The Herman Maril Foundation exists to support the study of the life and work of painter Herman Maril.  The Foundation supports exhibitions and educational projects that coincide with his work.







The Herman Maril Foundation is seeking two interns for Spring 2014 that would be responsible for some or all of the following duties (based on interest):

  • Research and help track Herman Maril paintings owned by individuals and establishments
  • Tasks related to upcoming exhibitions of Maril work
  • Researching archival files of newspapers for Maril biographical material
  • Works on paper storage and conservation
  • Help organize historical documents, letters and magazine articles going back into the 1920s
  • Organize book and catalog library
  • Organize 60 years of photographs
  • Updating the artist’s digital database and image archive
  • Some photography for database records
  • Upgrading storage system for paintings
  • Work in the artist’s studio helping to establish a historical viewing room