Employer Profile: Philadelphia Mural Arts Program – Philadelphia, PA

Philly Mural Arts


The City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program is the largest mural program in the nation. Since 1984, Mural Arts has created more than 3,500 murals and works of public art, earning Philadelphia international recognition as the “City of Murals.”  Mural Arts engages 100 communities each year in the transformation of neighborhoods through the mural-making process, while award-winning, free art education programs serve nearly 1,000 youth at sites throughout the city and at-risk teens through education outreach programs.  Mural Arts also serves adult offenders in local prisons and rehabilitation centers, using the restorative power of art to break the cycle of crime and violence in our communities.  Each year, more than 20,000 residents and visitors tour Mural Arts’ outdoor art gallery, which has become part of Philadelphia’s civic landscape and a source of pride and inspiration.

Part-Time Positions

Mural Arts employs more than 100 Artists each year as lead and assistant muralists.

The Mural Arts Program accepts portfolios from interested artists through our artist application process. Once you submit an application by mail or online, your work will be reviewed and your information will be added to the Mural Arts Program’s artist database. Through this process you become a potential candidate for the Muralist Training Program as well. Apply to become a Mural Artist today!