Employer Profile: Big Huge Games


Big Huge Games, a game development studio located in Timonium, Maryland, was founded in February 2000. In May 2009, Big Huge Games was acquired by 38 Studios, LLC. Organized to create top-quality smash-hit games, Big Huge Games emphasizes excellence in all aspects of game development: design, artwork, technology, and production values alike.

38 Studios, a media and entertainment company founded in 2006 by Curt Schilling, is creating an original fantasy IP driven by the creative and artistic visions of pop-culture icons R. A. Salvatore and Todd McFarlane. Entertainment products will include an immersive online entertainment experience that transcends the traditional MMO genre, novels, comics, toys, movies, TV, and more. Soon to be headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island, the company is a fun, energetic place to work where the company mantra, How cool would it be if … ? infuses the team with a commitment to passion, integrity, and innovation.

We are looking to fill the following positions:

Technical Animator

The Tech Animator (TA) will act as a bridge between Art and Programming, ensuring art assets can be easily integrated into the game without sacrificing the overall artistic vision or exceeding technical limits. The TA steers the continued development of cutting-edge tools and pipelines for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. The ideal candidate will be an experienced and passionate problem-solver with a high degree of tech ninja skills.

Concept Artist, Baltimore MD

The Concept Artist will work closely with the Art Director and Lead Concept Artist, playing a major role in establishing and maintaining the look of the project. Responsibilities include: Game idea conceptualization/visual prototyping, Environment development, Character development, UI concepts (this may also include UI support such as icons, wrapper screens, etc), Matte paintings, Storyboards, Marketing/pitch illustration work, Participation in art critique sessions with Todd McFarlane

Assistant Artist (Termed position, variety of specialties available)