Employer Profile: Balanced Family


Balanced Families, Inc. is based on the truth that love between family is eternal.  We believe that by bringing balance back into our lives, we can create healthier relationships with others, but most importantly ourselves.  Balanced-Families offers a variety of support and services for children and adults.  Our children’s programs, including our Balanced-Kids-Camp, is open for all children and helps to create a solid foundation based on character development and positive behavior in order to promote healthier friendships and understanding of self. For more information about our camp, please visit www.balanced-kids-camp.homestead.com. Balanced-Kids Camp offers youth the opportunity to begin to live their dreams through our Youth Entrepreneurship Program! Not only will they write books, design clothes, create art or perform on stage, but they will also learn how to become financially successful doing them!

We are seeking Part-Time Instructors for the Following Fields:
Creative Arts
Performing Arts
Budding Authors Writing Program
Fashion Design
Cartoons/Graphic Design

Each instructor will work Monday – Friday from 2 p.m. – 4 p.m. at a school in Mt. Washington (Falls Road/Northern Parkway) to teach children knowledge about their selected elective and also to assist them with completing their own projects which will be displayed, and possibly auctioned, in order to begin their journey as entrepreneurs and to value their work.