Employer Profile: Natty Paint

Company Description:
Silkscreened t-shirts and silkscreened reworked vintage clothing.

Type of Company: Fashion

Internship Positions:
Natty Paint is looking for summer interns to help with production and marketing! Minimum 15 hours a week, college credit.

Job Targets Sought: Art – Commercial/Advertising; Art – Fibers/Textiles/Weaving; Art – Illustration; Art – Painting; Art – Printmaking; Business; Communications – Public Relations; Design – Architecture; Design – Communication/Graphic Design; Design – Environmental Design; Design – Fashion/Apparel; Design – Product; Drafting/Computer Aided Design; Editing and Publishing; Journalism – Print; Marketing Advertising and Sales; Merchandising; Retail Management; Sales; Web Site Development

Web Site: http://www.nattypaint.com