Company Profile: Art With A Heart

Art with a Heart’s mission is to enhance the lives of people in need through visual art. This year, Art with a Heart will deliver over 1,400 visual art programs in group homes, community centers, shelters, schools, hospitals and senior facilities. It is in these programs that disadvantaged children, adolescents and adults are given the opportunity, in a safe and stable environment, to embrace the creative process and gain skills that can be a catalyst to help transform their lives. For many participants, the Art with a Heart class is the first time they have feelings of pride, accomplishment and hope.

With 30 partner sites, (shelters, community centers, hospitals, schools, and senior centers) and over 1400 classes a year, Art with a Heart is looking for Teachers and Assistants. Both Teachers and Assistants are community ambassadors for the Art with a Heart organization. Teachers are responsible for but not limited to the implementation of curriculum, working cooperatively with assistant, volunteers and or interns, instructing participants to treat supplies respectively and to cultivate connections with participants and sites. Assistants are responsible for but not limited to helping teachers with the execution of the class, including but not limited to set-up, handing out supplies and clean-up. Assistants may be asked to teach a class in the event the scheduled teacher is unable to attend. Reliable transportation is required for both positions.


Our interns are responsible for assisting the Program Director and Assistant Program Director with the day to day operations of the Art with a Heart organization. We look for individuals with a keen interest and personal commitment to Art with a Heart’s mission and individuals who are culturally sensitive and able to work effectively with diverse groups of people. General responsibilities include but are not limited to assisting at a site of the intern’s choosing, managing and distributing art supplies to teachers and helping to promote the organization at special events. Reliable transportation is required.