Students and Alumni success stories in their own words

Students and Alumni continue to their good news with us! We are really please to report that many student and alumni have received internships or jobs as a direct result of the connections they made at the Internship + Career Fair on April 3rd, 2009.

HIGHLIGHTS: Feedback from Students and Alumni

The MICA Internship + Career Fair afforded me opportunities and considerations I otherwise may have missed out on. I had the chance to speak with several design firms about setting up interviews for internships and received great feedback for my portfolio. As a result, I made many connections and had the choice between two exciting internship opportunities for the upcoming semester.”

-Kailie P., Graphic Design

“I decided to take a summer internship at Baltimore Clayworks. Thank you very much for providing me with this opportunity. I don’t think I would have decided to do an internship without the resume help and accessibility of the Career Fair.”

-Kourtney S., Junior, Ceramics

“I was offered a position to work at Mission Media thanks to the Career Fair. I spoke with one of their principals, I expressed interest in the company and everything worked out. I’m glad to have attended the fair – it paid off.”

-Peter B., Junior, Interactive Media

“I actually received placement while at the fair in two immediate internships. One is working for Oriet Milmoe; she is putting up a show at Load of Fun and needs help right away. The other is events-management for the band Telesma. They need help right away as well. Also, I am in the process of submitting an application to the Hirshhorn, who said they could definitely use my help. That would be during the Fall 2009 semester.”

-Kat B., Sophomore, Art History

“I’m a sophomore interdisciplinary sculpture major here at MICA and I just wanted to let you know of my success story.  After visiting the Internship + Career Fair I received an internship as a curatorial/exhibition intern at Baltimore Clay Works.  By stopping by at their table at the fair, I was given an overview of the internship program and left them a copy of my resume.  After two interviews and a few phone calls, I received a formal acceptance letter in the mail for the internship this summer.  Thanks for all your resources, and I hope the Internship + Career Fair will be offered again next year!”

-Bryan M., Sophomore, Interdisciplinary Sculpture

“I think that it is great that MICA has begun having this Internship and Career Fair. I think that it is really essential and helps students directly find opportunities both during and after college. Hopefully in the future it will continue to be offered and only get bigger and more varied, both by discipline and locations of employers!”

-Senior, Painting

“I am currently going through interviews for a full time job with one of the companies that I met at the career fair.”

-Senior, Illustration

“I received an internship with Bully Entertainment, so I am very happy I went!”

-Senior, Illustration

“I had a great experience at the Career Fair. Thanks to the information provided on the blog, I came prepared with individualized resumes and cover letters for each of the studios I was interested in. I was returned with positive feedback at the fair, and left with two internship opportunities! I now have a summer internship that may extend into a job. Thank you!”

-Senior, Animation

Great exposure for the students. I thoroughly enjoyed it!”

-Junior, Graphic Design

“Very positive experience, great feedback from employers.”

-Alumnus, Graphic Design

“I hope I get a job out of it! Thank you!”

-Senior, Painting, Art History

“Wonderful career fair, especially for the first time ever! The representatives of the companies were very friendly, and the talent of the work being shown around as well as the professionalism was terrific. Thank you!”

-Junior, Illustration

The blog was so helpful!

-Sophomore, Fiber

“Everyone had a great time and everyone I know attended. I got to talk to everyone I wanted to which is great.”

-Junior, Ceramics

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