Last minute preparations

The countdown is ON! Only two days until the Internship + Career Fair! Wondering what you can do to be sure you are prepared on Friday?

1. Create a “one-minute commercial”

Think about how you will approach recruiters at the fair to introduce yourself and start a conversation. You can talk about your background and how it connects to what the organization’s need. Basically, you have less than one minute to tell them who you are and express your interest in their organization. If you come well-prepared you will already have some background on the organizations you plan to visit and can speak knowledgeably.

2. Proofread your resume

Have as many people as you can proofread your resume for spelling, grammar, and clarity.

3. Put together your materials

You will need a nice big stack of resumes (20+ copies is what we suggest). Optional materials are business cards and artist postcards. Portfolios are recommended if you are applying for design-related positions. (For more about portfolios, check here.)

Bring a notepad or sketchbook and pen. You will also want to be able to keep track of who you are visiting and meeting. Take names of employers you speak with, then you can follow up with them at a later date.

4. Dress

You should plan to dress professionally for the fair. It is always best to err on the side of overdressed–it shows an employer that you take them seriously and have made an effort to make a good first impression. Not conservative? Artsy/creative dress is fine, as long as you are clean and neat!