Etiquette for Job and Internship Seekers

Just a few things to keep in mind about etiquette at an Internship + Career Fair:

1. Don’t interrupt others, whether they are fellow job/internship-seekers, or employers. There may be a line for some employers, and in that case try to make eye contact with a recruiter so they know you’d like to speak with them. If they are too busy, you can always come back a little later.

2. Ask an employer how they proceed with recruitment. Each organization at the fair has their own hiring process, and often the fair can act as an initial screening of applicants. You can certainly ask them whether you should follow up for an interview at a later date. Some employers may ask you questions or do an informal interview on the spot.

3. Don’t just drop your resume on an employer’s table and split. If you can, talk to the representatives and physically hand it to someone. It will serve you well to meet employers, and give them a chance to attach a face with a resume.

4. Prepare by knowing a little background on some of the organizations that interest you most. You will make a better impression if you are knowledgeable about what they do.