FAQ: What do I bring to the fair?

Bring with you to the fair on April 1:

1. 20+ hard copies of your résumé. You will want to leave copies of your résumé with employers and internship providers who interest you. Bring plenty, you don’t want to make a great connection and then run out! Career Development tip: get several people to proofread your résumé.

2. Your portfolio. If you are interested in applying for a design-related job or internship then you must bring a portfolio of work to show. There are two ways to bring a portfolio:

PRINT: A print portfolio should be a small, manageable size and include physical examples of your work. This can be a folder with sleeves, or you can make your own folder or portfolio. Reproductions of work are perfectly fine.

DIGITAL: Digital portfolios are less expensive, and work just fine for showing your work to others. If you plan to show a digital portfolio, then bring your own (fully charged) laptop  and make sure that your portfolio is simple to navigate.